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Free Hawthorne Ghost Tour Tickets at Mainspring Portland


(Portland, OR, March 24, 2015) - Mainspring Portland, a nonprofit organization devoted to providing food and clothing to individuals and families in need, is giving away free Hawthorne Ghost Tour tickets in exchange for edible proteins and other items. People who struggle with hunger frequently suffer from a lack of dietary protein like fish, meat, and nuts, so Mainspring Portland has teamed up with The Hawthorne Ghost Tour in order to offer an extra reward for those items we need most.

Check the Hawthorne Ghost Tour Facebook page at for
more details.

"We're really excited to offer this deal with Mainspring. The Ghost Tour exists because Hawthorne is so amazing. We all benefit from having a healthy, happy neighborhood, and Mainspring is integral to our wellbeing."

-Marina Martinez, Managing Director of The Hawthorne Ghost Tour

The tickets are available now. Call 503-233-5533 and ask Mainspring staff for the item of the week when you are putting together your donation.

About Mainspring Portland

Mainspring Portland provides food and clothing to more than 1500 individuals and families a month. All donations are tax deductible. You can learn more at our website,

About The Hawthorne Ghost Tour

The Hawthorne Ghost Tour is an exciting walking tour through the heart of Hawthorne Blvd, also known as the most haunted street in Southeast Portland. Tickets are available for purchase at